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Trading Avanzado Nivel II

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    31 Reviews
  • Professor

    Antonio Martínez

  • Update date

    11 September 2019

Powerful trading seminar developed to turn beginning traders into true professionals who operate financial markets to make a living.


$499.00 USD


What this program includes

5 hours of video

Questions and answers section for each class of the course

Access to demo for virtual money table

Lifetime access

Mobile device Access

Completion certificate

You will be able to:

Learn a solid, effective and detailed trading plan.

Know how to make a living operating the financial markets.

Reduce stress and uncertainty when trading.

Manage operations to reduce losses and increase profits.

Mentality of Trading and Control of the Ego

Achieve consistency

Program temary:

Type Classes Actions Duration Status
Introduction Advanced Trading Level II Watch class 29:04 minutes
Review basic concepts   24:08 minutes
Stage preparation   29:33 minutes
MT4 and cTrader Configuration   10:05 minutes
The 5 Entry Events   27:14 minutes
The 5 Key Locations   24:29 minutos
The 2 Methods of Trailing Stop   24:32 minutes
Size and Use of Lots   31:33 minutes
Definition of lots and limits   9:02 minutes
Trading Psychology TNA II Watch class 29:38 minutos
The Market Maker Style   21:15 minutes
Financial Instruments   12:46 minutes
Examples Graphics on the Platform   23:20 minutos
2-minute graphics in MetaTrader   3:33 minutes
attached files   (Español) 1:00 Documento

Program details

This powerful trading seminar will teach you the techniques and methods that for more than 20 years of experience have been developed to turn beginning traders into real professionals who operate the financial markets to make a living.
The purpose of the specific tactics that are dictated in this course is to use the financial markets daily as a personal ATM and to place oneself in the small circle of those who are on the winning side of the transactions.

Each student will receive an investment system that covers every detail of the actions that must be carried out to put into practice what they have learned; It is a trading plan that considers each and every one of the possible situations that can be presented to the trader before, during and after the transaction so as not to leave anything to chance and guarantee the success of your trades.

“Advanced Trading Level II” is a program for those who take the profession of trader seriously and have the solid intention of making a living trading but have not been able to achieve consistent profitability in the long term.

Being profitable as a trader has nothing to do with being a prophet or guessing the future by reading a crystal ball, nor is it a matter of luck. To achieve success in financial markets you must have a solid trading plan that includes strict rules and regulations on what financial instruments to operate, when to enter, when to leave, how much money to risk in each operation, where to locate stop loss levels and take profit, how to track the price to maximize profits, what market events should be taken into account in order to operate correctly, how to accurately identify the most probable trend change events to enter maximums and minimums, etc.

A robust and strict investment strategy significantly reduces the stress and uncertainty of the trader when he is operating because he will cover all eventualities, he will know what to do and when to do it with absolute precision. Never again will you have the anxiety of praying for the price to move in your direction, forget about forming the candles in your head as if you could control the market with mental power. You will have a set of rules and regulations that you will follow with precision and that will allow you to minimize losses and maximize profits.

This program aims to boost your professional career as a trader so that you learn to live by operating the market. “Advanced Trading Level II” is perfect for those who possess great enthusiasm and determination in achieving financial success through this potentially lucrative and rewarding activity.

You will learn the basics of good trading and experience your first level of consistent profitability.