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Trading para Principiantes

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  • Professor

    Antonio Martínez

  • Update date

    11 September 2019

Online course for easy learning, taught in a simple language, to know the financial markets in depth and start as a trader generating profits.


$49.00 USD


What this program includes

7 hours of video

Questions and answers section for each class of the course

Access to demo for virtual money table

Lifetime access

Mobile device Access

Completion certificate

You will be able to:

Know the trader's slang and master the language of the financial markets.

Discern and apply technical and / or fundamental analysis of the assets.

Select a reliable broker and open an unlimited demo account to practice.

Develop an investment strategy suitable for your personality and style.

Control risk and increase consistency in all your operations.

Program temary:

Type Classes Actions Duration Status
Introduction Watch class 23:20 minutes
What is Forex? Watch class 36:28 minutes
Basic Concepts Watch class 31:51 minutes
Market Orders Type   (Español) 01:00 documento
Choose a broker   18:43 minutes
Suggested Brokers   (Español) 01:00 documento
Regulatory Entities   (Español) 01:00 documento
Trading Plattforms   (Español) 01:00 documento
Chartism   17:08 minutes
Supports, Resistances and Trends   29:42 minutes
Patterns and formations   17:28 minutes
Fibonacci   16:59 minutes
Indicators and Oscillators   19:46 minutes
Pivot Points   13:26 minutes
Crosses and Divergences   18:30 minutes
Elliott waves   8:51 minutes
Fundamental Analysis   20:28 minutes
Economic News Schedule   (Español) 01:00 documento
Investment Systems   22:24 minutes
Expert Advisors   15:49 minutes
EA Generators   (Español) 01:00 documento
Commodities and others   8:34 minutes
Capital management   18:16 minutes
Conociendo MetaTrader   30:35 minutes
Practicing what has been learned   32:37 minutes
Trading psychology   18:20 minutes
Closure   8:19 minutes

Program details

Today there is a lot of talk about Forex, stocks, currencies, stock market, commodities and financial indexes and everyone promises that you can make a lot of money with this, but how is it done? Jump in and learn!

All the tools of technical analysis and investment software are just that; tools. They do not work on their own, you need to learn to understand them and know how and when to use them and when not to. This course will allow you to develop your financial common sense so that you always make the best decisions taking into account the factors that influence prices and thus be able to take advantage of market changes, both in upward trends and when prices go down.

This Level I of the course, in addition to introducing you to the fascinating world of financial markets, you will also learn investment techniques that are easy to apply and highly effective. Everything is explained in great detail; no question remains unanswered but with an understandable language to the average person who is not familiar with the investor’s jargon.

Trading is a profession that you can exercise at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world and you can start with a capital as low as 1 dollar.

You will learn to invest in financial assets, learn techniques, skills and receive highly valuable knowledge that will allow you to enter the money game played by the rich and multi-millionaires.

This course will show you why the danger lies in the investor and not in the investment, in that way you will know how to control the risk of your investments and lose the fear of financial freedom.

It does not mean that you should learn something complicated, or that you require advanced and special schooling, anyone who can read this page is perfectly capable of learning and using the tools to operate correctly.

Enter and know an exciting and effective method that will allow you to multiply your capital with a controlled risk so that you continue to build your path to financial freedom by acquiring assets and wisely investing your money.

This basic course covers the fundamental issues that every new investor must possess. It was made by an expert in the financial market and is an extremely valuable resource to start correctly in the world of investment.

Did you know that only 5% of people who decide to invest in financial markets can make a profit? And this happens because 95% of people do not bother to study, learn and practice enough before putting their money in the market. Being a good investor does not mean being a fortune-teller and predicting the next price movement, a good investor does not care what direction the market takes because it knows how to take profits from both upward and downward trends and is always ready to get on the wave of turn and surf their profits.

This course will allow you to delve into the subject, you will understand the terms used, the functioning of the securities markets and the currency market, the mechanisms and the operation, you will analyze the main variables that as an investor you should keep in mind when making an operation, you will know the currencies with the greatest volume of participation in the market and much more.

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